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We kindly invite the overseas customers to make orders on our safe and secure website

The first step in your ordering procedure is a proper registration on our website. Please,
kindly fill out all the lines in the registration form. You need to type your country code
in a state or country code line and your postal code in the zip and postal code line.

If you wish to include the full name of your country, please type it in the city line following
the city name. The same procedure applies to shipping address form.

Our online system does not provide the actual shipping costs for your orders (it shows
only 10% for shipping & handling which applies to the US orders only).

So every time we receive your order, we will contact you, prior to expediting your order
to enable you to choose the most adequate shipping options. After we make the shipment,
your credit card will be charged accordingly.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Polonia Bookstore, Inc.
Chicago, IL