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W DRODZE Grupa Furmana - CD
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Manufacturer:   Jaroslaw Smietana
Artist:   Zbigniew Paleta
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$ 5.00

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"This CD is the result of happy encounter, in a Mexican Jazz Festival, between famed Polish Jazz guitarist Jaroslaw Smietana and composer/violinist Zbigniew Paleta, whose many talents lie in the fields of classical music, rock and music for the movies. This recording gathers the musical diversity of both musicians, from the earliest of jazz, through Polish folk music, fusion and free jazz. Imagination, virtuosity and a broad view into the history of Polish jazz." The CD includes: "Krakus" (M. Urbaniak), "Angel Eyes" (M. Denny), Armandos Rhumba (Ch. Corea), "Flowers in Mind" (J. Smietana), "Four Brothers" (J. Giuffre), "Lush Life" (B. Strayhorn), "Oberek" (Folk melody), "Cala jestes w skowronkach" (A. Zielinski), "Blackbird" (Lennon/McCartney}, "Island Blues" (Ch. Lloyd), "Pozegnania" (L. Kasycki). Performed by Jaroslaw Smietana - guitars; Zbigniew Paleta - violin, saw; Tomasz Kupiec - acoustic bass; Tomasz Grochot - drums; Special guests: Nippy Noya - percussion; Elzbieta Towarnicka - vocal.
VIS-A-VIS :: Recorded at Studio S4 in Krakow in 2002.

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