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Author:   J. Victor Tomaszek
ISBN:   978-1-7809-9522-9
Language:   English
Publisher:   Roundfire Books
Availability:   24h
Year Published:   2012
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"As war in 1680s Europe rages below, Boleslaw Radok shepherds and hunts in Poland's High Tatra Mountains. His father like all able bodied men is off at war and has neither trained his son in close combat nor left him a sword. Boleslaw is attacked by a wolf and limps home for bandaging, then barely survives a farm raid that kills his grandfather. Four Polish knights kill the brigands then deliver Bole's fallen father's sword, a dying comrade's last wish. Boleslaw struggles with two options: stay on the farm he cannot defend well or follow his father's path to a life at war. Why are the knights reluctant to train him?
The Tatra Eagle is an historical novel climaxing at the 1683 Battle of Vienna, seat of the Holy Roman Empire."
Roundfire Books 2012, 350 pages (soft cover)