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FLIGHTS <br>(Bieguni) in English Language
ISBN: 9780525534198
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ISBN:   978-0-1568-8150-0
Language:   English
Author:   Stanislaw Lem
Publisher:   Mariner Books
Availability:   2-3 days
Year Published:   2017
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$ 17.00

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"In Pilot Pirx, Lem has created an irresistibly likable character: an astronaut who gives the impression of still navigating by the seat of his pants-a bumbler but an inspired one. By investing Pirx with a range of human foibles, Lem offers a wonderful vision of the audacity, childlike curiosity, and intuition that can give humans the courage to confront outer space. Translated by Louis Iribarne
Harvest/HBJ, San Diego-New York-London 1990, 206 pages (soft cover)