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Language:   Polish
DVD #:   MDVD048
Producer:   Apple Film Production
Director:   Boguslaw Linda
Subtitled:   English
Artist:   Boguslaw Linda
Artist2:   Marian Dziedziel
Artist3:   Anna Przybylska
Artist4:   Gabriel Fleszar
Artist5:   Dawid Lepkowski
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$ 14.95

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"Everyone of us is a sucker at one time or another... As a way to escape their boring, ordinary lives, a teenage brother and sister decide to rob a bank. After narrowly escaping when the heist goes bad, they find a 3-year-old boy napping in the back seat of their get-away-car. Things get worse when they cross paths with two alcoholic police officers who pull over speeders to collect money for booze. With the cops on their tail and a baby to look after anything can happen in the season for suckers."
Apple Film Production 2000, 88 minutes (In Polish with English subtitles)

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