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FLIGHTS <br>(Bieguni) in English Language
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Author:   Czeslaw Milosz
ISBN:   978-0-06-018867-2
Language:   English
Publisher:   HarperCollins Publisher
Availability:   2-3 days
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"A major voice of the twentieth-century West, the late Nobel laureate may have written in Polish and resided in America, but he was a Lithuanian patriot all along. Many poems are datelined "Warsaw," "Paris," and "Berkeley," but the first four are from Wilno. The Lithuanian capital, heinously decimated of its Jews by the Nazi and its native gentiles by Stalin, and even more the countryside of Milosz's childhood, are the poems' recurrent settings; generations of family members are the persons featured in them. A modernist, Milosz eschews formal verse, metaphor, and lyric effusion. One of his masters seems to be Whitman; he often uses a long, projective line and assumes a kind of dialogue with himself as the representative of his people; but he lacks Whitman's vaunting and mysticism, however, and prefers single-sentence lines to run-ons and enjambment."
Ecco Press New York 2006, 304 pages (hard cover)

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