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Director:   Olaf Lubaszenko
Studio:   Studio Filmowe "Perspektywa"
DVD #:   MDVD 069
Language:   Polish
Subtitled:   English
Artist:   Maciej Stuhr
Artist2:   Karolina Rosinska
Artist3:   Tadeusz Huk
Artist4:   Janusz Jozefowicz
Artist5:   Michal Milowicz
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$ 14.95

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"Kuba, a struggling comic book illustrator and Naomi, a popular, beautiful Polish singer, cross paths and fell madly in love with one another. But those closest to Naomi object, including Diamond, her former lover, a gangster with other plans for Naomi and her career".
Heritage Films, 107 minutes (in Polish with English translation) - NTSC

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