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Author:   Piotr Marczak
ISBN:   978-83-2134-768-4
Language:   English & Polish
Publisher:   Arkady
Availability:   7-15 days
Year Published:   2016
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$ 45.00

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"Bogato ilustrowany album z obrazami takich tworcow, jak Bacciarelli, Brandt, Matejko, a zrazem panorama Polski od czasow piastowskich do XXI w. Ciekawe komentarze i dodatkowa ikonografia pozwalaja poznac tlo historyczne i bohaterow wydarzen przedstawionych na obrazach.
Album w wersji polsko-angielskiej.

The images presented in this book are intended merely as a backdrop for reflection on the complexity of historic facts, some barely familiar. Among the paintings highlighted, there are outstanding pieces of the utmost rank but there are also ones of poorer prtistic quality, which have nevertheless much affected the formation of Polish national awareness. Our criteria for this peculiar choice of illustrations reconcile a wish to compile a synthetic survey of the history of Poland from the tenth century to the twenty-first with a strong feeling that little-known curiosities should also come to light.
This is a bilingual publication (English-Polish)
Wydawnictwo "Arkady" Warszawa 2016, 336 pages (hard cover)

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