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Author:   Kenneth K. Koskodan
ISBN:   978-1-8490-8479-6
Language:   English
Publisher:   Osprey Publishing
Availability:   2-3 days
Year Published:   2009
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$ 19.95

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"The fourth largest Allied military force deployed during the war, Poland is the only nation to have been involved at Leningrad, Arnhem, Tobruk and Normandy. Following their valiant but doomed defence of Poland in 1939, members of the Polish armed forces fought wherever they could alongside Allied forces. At home the Poles set about creating the most active and effective resistance force of the war, with a complete underground government, military and even education system. When Germany invaded the Soviet Union, Polish soldiers held in Soviet gulags even put together an army to help beat back the Germans. Packed with unpublished first-hand accounts and including rare photographs, this is the true story of Poland's armed forces, their courageous resistance and the great betrayal which saw them conquered despite their victory over Germany."
Osprey Publishing Oxford 2009, 272 pages (soft cover)