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Author:   Ewa Lipinska
ISBN:   978-83-2421-785-4
Language:   Polish/English
Publisher:   Universitas
Availability:   24h
Year Published:   2014
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$ 31.00

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"This book not only offers answers to the above-mentioned problems of spelling and punctuation, but it also proposes many ways to practice and reinforce the rules of Polish ortography. In order for the orthographic and punctuation material to be more accessible, these issues have been divided. A clear and legibly ordered graphics assist in quick mastery of the information. (-) This second edition has been expanded considerably in relation to the first one. The first set of exercises on the alphabet is entirely new, as is the inclusion of dictations. There has also been an increase in the number of exercises, in particular those demanding a student to be creative while consciously using new rules he has learned. There are also a number of games (crossword-puzzles). In addition, a majority of the existing exercises have been refined, enabling students to check their work using a key located in the back of the book. This key has also undergone changes."
Wydawnictwo "Universitas" Krakow 2014, 117 pages (soft cover)