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W DRODZE Grupa Furmana - CD
Price: $5.00
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Composer:   J. S. Bach
CD #:   PD3001
Manufacturer:   Arti Recordings
Artist:   Piotr Folkert
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$ 5.00

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"Concerto, BWV 1052 D Minor /d-moll/ re mineur 1.I: Allegro, 2. II: Adagio, 3. III: Allegro"; "Concerto, BWV 1054 D Major /D-dur/ re majeur 4. I, 5. II: Adagio e piano sempre, 6. III: Allegro"; "Concerto, BWV 1056 F Minor /f-moll/ fa mineur 7. I, 8. II: Largo, 9. III: Presto".
Arti Recordings 1993

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