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Author:   Gabriela Rzepecka-Weiss
ISBN:   978-83-9435-490-9
Language:   English
Publisher:   ChybaRyba
Availability:   24h
Year Published:   2016
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$ 16.50

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"The book "Animal abc - book to look" introduces children to the world of English language.
It focuses on letters of the alphabet and prepares children for reading. The book won the 1st price in Royal Dragonfly Book Award 2016 contest, Children's Picture Book 5 and younger category.
In the beginning, young children see letters only as a set of strange, graphic symbols, which do not evoke any connotations. In the book the author tamed a group of cute animals and formed them into the shape of the first letters of their names. Little readers turn the pages to discover different animals. At the same time they memorize shapes of the letter. An extremely flexible alligator forms itself into an A, an octopus wraps its arms into circle - the ideal shape of the letter O. With the help of these warm and funny animal teachers, your child will find it much easier to begin doodling and scribbling the letters of the alphabet. The book has been published with a great care. Its hardcovers are coated with a special soft touch foil, which gives an extra smooth feeling. Colorful but clear illustrations attract the eye".
Wydawnictwo "ChybaRyba" 36 pages (hard cover)

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