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KALEIDOSCOPE OF POLAND <br>A Cultural Encyclopedia
ISBN: 9780822944386
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Author:   Collective
ISBN:   978-16-1584-811-9
Language:   English
Publisher:   Classic Printing
Availability:   7-15 days
Year Published:   2009
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$ 25.00

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"This book is a collection of individual stories written by survivors of the Polish genocide during the Second World War . It has been seventy years since as many as 2 million Poles were deported against their will to some of the most inhospitable regions in the world: Siberia, Kazakhstan, and parts of Soviet Asia. More than one million Poles died a slow death in the gulags of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin or on their long and desperate journeys to and from the camps".
Classic Printing Chicago 2009, 394 pages (hard cover)