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BEKSINSKI <br> Malarstwo / Painting <br>(Bilingual Editon)
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Author:   Collective
ISBN:   978-83-7576-521-2
Language:   English
Publisher:   Bosz
Availability:   24h
Year Published:   2020
$ 65.00

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Even though I was only five years old when I met Tamara for the first time, my memories are so vivid.

What impacted me the most though were her eyes. They were enormous piercing aqua blue eyes, lined with a thin black liner that created a dramatic look. Those eyes were wise, smart, determined and they had seen so many things I could not even imagine or understand at my tender age. They had an intensity I had never seen before. She looked at me with those eyes; there was a stremght but also a tenderness in them. She said, "you can call me Cherie" and opened her arms.

Marisa de Lempicka

Wydawnictwo "Bosz" Olszanica 2020, 168 pages (hard cover)

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