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Author:   Katarzyna Drwal-Straszakowa
ISBN:   978-83-2421-650-5
Language:   Polish/English
Publisher:   Universitas
Author2:   Waldemar Martyniuk
Availability:   24h
Year Published:   2011
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$ 23.00

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"It is an easy, accessible and handy course book and guide which motivates the reader to learn Polish as a foreign language and helps to overcome the initial difficulties in communicating. The three key features of the book are: 1. Providing essential information about Poland, Polish culture and the Polish language; 2. Providing learning material for the development of basic communication skills (listening, speaking and interaction) in Polish as a foreign language; 3. Promoting and advertising results of the ONENESS project, funded by the European Commission through the Socrates-Lingua 2 Programme."
Wydawnictwo "Universitas" Krakow 2006, 125 pages (soft cover)