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Author:   Collective
ISBN:   978-83-7984-018-2
Language:   Polish & English
Publisher:   PWN
Availability:   24h
Year Published:   2017
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$ 39.00

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"Learn Polish on the elementary (A1-A2) level to communicate in this language in simple everyday situations. Polski. Bez problemu! will provide you with the best support for intensive and effective learning: you will learn the most important words and grammar structures related to everyday life and remember them for good thanks to the SuperMemo method of intelligent repetition.

Prepared to teach you vocabulary and grammar, this textbook contains dialogues, texts, comments, exercises and a dictionary, and is supplemented with:
* Multimedia Course with all the content from the textbook, available in SuperMemo.com applications for Android, iOS and Windows PC,
* MP3 Recordings to listen to the correct pronunciation and intonation, for example when you have a walk, drive your car or practise sports".
Wydawnictwo "PWN" 2017, 304 pages (box)