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Author:   Iwona Lewandowska
ISBN:   978-83-6248-273-3
Language:   Polish / English
Publisher:   Edgar
Availability:   24h
Year Published:   2011
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$ 17.90

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"Polish doesn't bite! is designed for all beginners who want to study the basics of the Polish language and to be able to communicate effectively.
This book (152 pages) contains over 100 of the most popular topics, short dialogues or texts with translations, grammar in a nutshell, a set of essential words and phrases, exercises and short texts about Polish culture. At all times easy-to-access mini dictionaries can be found in the margins and at the end of the book you will also find a Polish-English dictionary".
Wydawnictwo "Edgar" Warszawa 2011, 152 pages (soft cover)

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