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Author:   Coleen Jan Paderewski
ISBN:   978-1-6875-5507-6
Language:   English
Availability:   5-7 days
Year Published:   2019
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"Paderewski: The Journey Home chronicles the legacy of Ignacy Jan Paderewski and the story of his living relatives bringing his body back to Poland. In 1992, author Coleen Paderewski and her family were accompanied by President George W. Bush and General Edward Rowny to return Ignacy’s remains to his homeland.
Many people have captured Paderewski’s life, but only family members who witnessed history in the making can give a first-hand account of this momentous occasion.
Paderewski led a remarkable life as a pianist, composer, scholar, orator, politician, statesman, businessman, humanitarian, philanthropist, and winemaker. He was fluent in seven languages and was the first Polish pianist to travel the world. He signed the Treaty of Versailles and was the first Prime Minister of an independent Poland.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt said Paderewski was a “modern immortal” of his time.This book is presented in chronological order of events. It serves as a historical account of his legacy, and a memoir of the author’s experience".
Independently published 2019, 110 pages (soft cover)