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Author:   Salva Imogene
ISBN:   979-8685307378
Language:   Polish
Availability:   5-7 days
Year Published:   2020
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When Soviet soldiers force their way into the Nowicki home at 3:00am, Ziuta has no idea why her family is being arrested, where they are going or when they will return.
From the safety of home in Poland to the slave labor camps of Soviet Russia, Ziuta's family suffers starvation, arctic temperatures, and separation. At their most desperate hour, only a miracle would keep each family member alive. Could a kind-hearted Maharaja from faraway India be the one to rescue Ziuta and hundreds of other distressed Polish children?
Imogene Salva reconstructs her mother's wartime experiences to expose us to a part of World War II history not familiar to most Westerners. This thought-provoking true-life story is sure to inspire you, while reminding us that human compassion can be found in the most remote corners of the world.
Independently published 2020, 334 pages (soft cover)