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Author:   Jaroslaw Krawczyk
ISBN:   978-83-1113-546-8
Language:   Polish
Publisher:   Bellona
Availability:   24h
Year Published:   2015
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$ 55.00

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"This book written by Jaroslaw Krawczyk is a tale on the history of Poland and the Poles, as well as on the position of the Polish state and nation among other peoples and nations. (-) The author writes colorfully, adopting sometimes a cheerful, sometimes a solemn tone. He never shuns from expressing his own personal opinions but, after all, Poland's history needs a dose of chiaroscuro in which the Poles can see it more clearly and distinctively. The story is accompanied by an exhaustive chronology of events in Polish history, it also abounds with paintings, photographs, etchings, drawings, maps and documents..."
Wydawnictwo "Bellona" Warszawa 2015, 340 pages (hard cover)