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Author:   Krzysztof Zywczak
ISBN:   978-83-7845-856-2
Language:   Polish
Publisher:   SBM
Availability:   24h
Year Published:   2018
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$ 30.00

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Koniakow lace, amber, ceramics, the cult scooter Osa (The Wasp), luxury yachts, as well as the Lodz Film School and Solidarity are some of the many products and brands that have made Poland famous all around the world.

Goods with the "Made In Poland" symbol are increasingly willingly purchased worldwide. Furniture, clothing and cosmetics have a reputation as tasteful, reliable, high-quality products, and above all made of quality materials. In turn, foodstuffs are characterized by the richness of taste, top quality ingredients, and production traditions unchanged for centuries.

Made In Poland presents designer products. delightful folk crafts. outstanding achievements, and amazing human creativity, which have gained recognition in the international arena and are a source of pride. The reader will also find interesting information on crowd-pleasing cultural events in our country, as well as iconic sites. such as Krakow, Wieliczka and Sopot, that are popular among foreign tourists.
Wydawnictwo "SBM" Warszawa 2018, 128 pages (hard cover)