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Director:   JP Latallo
Rating:   PG-13
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A film that tells the story of the soldiers of General Haller's "Blue Army".

Thearmy was formed in 1917 France from volunteers of Polish origin, with over 20,000 hailing from the United States. Their journey led them from a training camp in Canada, fighting in France and in Poland, joining in war against Russia, and ultimately concluding with the dramatic demilitarization of volunteers. When they returned to America after the war, often as invalids, they were not recognized neither by Poland nor by the USA as war veterans.

100% of the proceeds from each DVD are donated to Polish Army Veterans' Association in America.

Caly dochod ze sprzedazy DVD zostanie przeznaczony na Stowarzyszenie Weteranow Armii Polskiej w Ameryce.

DVD 50 min

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