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THE COMING SPRING (Przedwiosnie)
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Author:   Stefan Zeromski
ISBN:   0-8101-1596-4
Language:   English
Publisher:   Northwestern University Press
Translator:   Bill Johnston
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In the series of "European Classics", translated from the Polish by Bill Johnston, one of the best Polish novels. "It is a complex, dramatic, masterfully told story in which a passionate love affair is played out against a background of wartime privations, and the Polish struggle for independence is set against other conflicts of gender, sexuality, and class. (-) This exquisitely constructed and lyrical novel is set in a rambling manor house in central Poland during the doomed January Uprising of 1863 to 1864, when a volunteer Polish army futilely fought the Russian occupation of the eastern partition."
Northwestern University Press Evanston, IL 1999, 179 pages (soft cover)