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PRIMEVAL AND OTHER TIMES<br>(Prawiek i Inne Czasy)
ISBN: 9788086164356
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ISBN: 9781780995229
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Author:   Boleslaw Prus
ISBN:   978-1-59017-383-1
Language:   English
Publisher:   New York Review Books
Translator:   David Welsh
Author2:   Stanislaw Baranczak, Introduction
Year Published:   2011
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$ 18.95

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"The Doll" is the greatest Polish novel of the nineteenth century. Warsaw under Russian rule in the late 1870s is the setting for Prus's grand panorama of social conflict, political tensions and personal suffering. The middle-aged hero, Wokulski, successful in business, is being destroyed by his obsesive love for a frigid society 'doll', Izabela."
New York Review Books 2011, 684 pages (soft cover)

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