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Author:   Karl-Heinz Seidel
ISBN:   83-7141-523-0
Language:   Polish / English
Publisher:   Rea
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$ 43.00

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"English-Polish and Polish-English technical dictionary is addressed to both specialists and those who are not necessarily dealing with technology, though using English language. The dictionary contains updated terminology of various technical areas, as well as general vocabulary. Nearly half of the terminology comes from such areas as physical metallurgy, electrotechnology, electronics and theory of machines - all in all about 20 various areas of technology and science have been taken into account. Moreover, this publication contains vocabulary from other areas important for specialists: engineers and technicians. The headword is followed by the brackets where one can find meanings of the main headword, additional information and examples of usage, all written in italics. Synonymous names and synonyms are separated with semicolons and comas respectively. Arrows in the English-Polish section, written in brackets next to the headwords, refer to the terms tha author wishes to highlight."
Wydawnictwo "Rea" Warszawa 2005, 1127 pages (hard cover)