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Author:   Olga Tokarczuk
ISBN:   978-80-8616-435-6
Language:   English
Publisher:   Twisted Spoon Press
Translator:   Antonia Lloyd-Jones
Year Published:   2010
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"Awarded the Koscielski Foundation Prize in 1977, Primeval and Other Times established Olga Tokarczuk as a leading voice in Polish literature. Set in the mythical village of Primeval - a microcosm of the world populated by eccentric, archetypal characters and guarded by four archangels - the novel chronicles the lives of the village's inhabitants over the course of the feral 20th century and the episodic violence visited on them. Forceful, direct, luminous, Primeval is an imaginative allegory about the inexorable grind of time, a fable about the eternal clash between modernity and nature, between the masculine and the feminine. It has been translated into many languages and hailed as a contemporary classic across Europe."
Twisted Spoon Press Prague 2010, 248 pages (soft cover)

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