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Author:   Joseph W. Zurawski
ISBN:   978-0-9774-5122-7
Language:   English
Publisher:   G. Bradley Publishing Inc
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$ 29.95

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"'Polish Chicago: Our History - Our Recipes documents in vivid prose, highligted by rare, previously unpublished photos, the saga of hundreds of thousabds of Poles who immigrated to Chicago during the past 150 years.
Poles came with a dream, a willingness to work, and a determination to provide opportunities for their children not available in the motherland. Poles' attachment to Catholicism produced magnificent churches and provided a truly living faith, attesting to the importance of strong families and united communities, which embodied and maintained the Polish spirit.
Poles seemed blessed with energy-for song, dance, sport, artistic expression, theatre-all relished with exuberance by Polish Americans eager to reflect and display their "Polishness". To many food is nourishment. To Polish Americans food is also cause for sharing, celebration, for honoring tradition on Holy days, name days, Christmas, and Easter.
In this context, 'Polish Chicago: Our History - Our Recipes' turns a spotlight on 36 Polish American restaurants and residents who opened up their kitchens to share their time-tested recipes as well as delectable, creamy cheese pierogi, sweet and savory apple fritters, and crisp potato pancake."
G. Bradley Publishing Inx., St. Louis 2007, 240 pages (hard cover)

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