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Author:   Adam Bujak
ISBN:   978-83-6029-237-2
Language:   English
Publisher:   Bialy Kruk
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"Cathedrals, the principal churches in their dioceses, are focal points for religious worship. But they are also magnificent monuments of art and history. Throughout the entirety of Christendom Cathedrals have documented the story of their peoples and nations. Communities congregate in them to experience their moments of great joy, and their moments of great sorrow. Cathedrals have always fascinated Adam Bujak, one of the world's greatest photographers, who has now created a work to parallel their monumentality. A full documentary picture, accomplished for the first time with such scrutinising artistry, has now been complied of all the Cathedrals and Auxiliary Cathedrals within Poland's new church administrative, to amaze and delight Bujak's readers."
Wydawnictwo "Bialy Kruk" Krakow 2007, 312 pages (hard cover)

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