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Author:   Collective
ISBN:   83-8879-423-X
Language:   English, Polish& Ger
Publisher:   Rytm
Availability:   24h
Year Published:   2001
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$ 75.00

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"The nature of Polish-Jewish relations has, over the passage of centuries had a varying nature. Poles and Jews lived in the same land for many centuries and they coexisted with each other, or, on occasion perhabs they lived indifferently, sometimes unwillingly, antagonistically, and even in enmity.
In their overwhelming majority, Polish Jews dismissed assimilationist tendencies, consequently retaining faithfulness to their differentiation as a penultimate value and a significant group of consistently orthodox individuals in fact, prefered isolation to a non-Jewish enviroment. Poles, as well, having frequent concact with Jews as a result of practical life - did not venture to transcend the barrier of otherness. Each of the sides also had an inclination towards feeling superior to the other.
Publication in 3 languages: Polish, German and English
Wydawnictwo "Rytm" Warszawa 2001, 530 pages (hard cover)