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SAMI SWOI (Our Folks) - DVD
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Director:   Jerzy Kawalerowicz
Studio:   Studio Filmowe "Kadr"
DVD #:   DV 90446
Language:   Polish
Subtitled:   English
Artist:   Lucyna Winnicka
Artist2:   Leon Niemczyk
Artist3:   Teresa Szmigielowna
Artist4:   Zbigniew Cybulski
Artist5:   Helena Dabrowska
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"On the run from the authorities, an anxious Jerzy joins a diverse group of passangers who board an overnight express headed for a resort by the Baltic Sea. Jerzy is paired with Marta for the night when they accidentally end up with tickets to the same sleeper berth. Marta is trying to escape Staszek, her spurned lover who is determined to her at all cost. Tension escalates after the police enter the train looking for escaped killer, turning the nervous passangers into a frenzied lynch mob fueled by rumor and hysteria." (Zbigniew Cybulski, Lucyna Winnicka, Leon Niemczyk and Teresa Szmigielowna)
Zespol Filmowy "Kadr" 1959, 102 minutes, in Polish with English subtitles, NTSC format (Black and White)