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SAMI SWOI (Our Folks) - DVD
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Director:   Andrzej Wajda
Studio:   Zespol Filmowy "Wektor"
DVD #:   MDVD 016
Language:   Polish
Subtitled:   English
Artist:   Daniel Olbrychski
Artist2:   Stanislawa Celinska
Artist3:   Aleksander Bardini
Artist4:   Tadeusz Janczar
Artist5:   Zygmunt Malanowicz
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$ 14.95

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"With its breathtaking cinematography, this Andrzej Wajda film is a romantic yet fatalistic fable of budding love and the war that would not end. Based on Tadeusz Borowski's stories of a German stalag curiously unchanged even after its liberation by the American army, the film tells a powerful love story between two Poles at the end of World War II and portrays the destructive effects of war on the human spirit. When Tadeusz, a sensitive Pole who is fascinated with literature, meets Nina, a girl visiting the war camp, he realizes that he will have to begin his life over again."
Film Distributing Company "Vision", 101 minutes (in Polish with English subtitles) - NTSC