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PRIMEVAL AND OTHER TIMES<br>(Prawiek i Inne Czasy)
ISBN: 9788086164356
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ISBN: 9781780995229
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Author:   Mgdalena Tulli
ISBN:   978-1-9357-4408-5
Language:   English
Publisher:   Archipelago Books
Translator:   Bill Johnston
Year Published:   2011
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$ 20.00

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"It is a gripping cautionary tale in which real and unreal combine explosively, making us question the nature of the work itself. Set in an imaginery fourth partition of Poland, In Red retraces the turbulent history of the twentieth century in a labirynth of greed, inheritance, and entropy, enacting - word by tremulous word - the claustrofobia of a small town from which there seems to be no escape. Never have Tulli's trademark precision of language and her crystalline storytelling been put to such brilliant use.
Archipelago Books New York, 158 pages (soft cover)

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