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PRIMEVAL AND OTHER TIMES<br>(Prawiek i Inne Czasy)
ISBN: 9788086164356
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ISBN: 9781780995229
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Author:   Leszek Kolakowski
ISBN:   0-226-45051-1
Language:   English
Publisher:   the University of Chicago Press
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$ 22.50

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"For those who have confronted or been confronted by the issues with which these essays deal - moral relativism, cultural difference, Eurocentrism, the role of the intellectual, the value of the intellectual life, the grounding of human rights and humane values, the crisis of Christianity, the price and promise of revlolution, the appeal and limits of conservatism or liberalism or socialism, and the conflicting claims of religion, science, reason, and philoposhy - Mr. Kolakowski's essays are exemplary" - Arthur C Danto, "New York Book Review".
The University of Chicago Press, 238 pages (hard cover)

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