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ISBN: 0374118671
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THE COMING SPRING (Przedwiosnie)
ISBN: 9789637326899
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Author:   Magdalena Tulli
ISBN:   0-9728692-6-3
Language:   English
Publisher:   Archipelago Books
Translator:   Bill Johnston
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"a small masterpiece, one of the most extraordinary works of literature to come out of Central and Eastern Europe since the fall of communism. In sculpted, poetic prose reminiscent of Bruno Schulz, it tells the story of the emergence of a great city. In Tulli's hands myth, metaphor, history, and narrative are combined to magical effect. 'Dreams and Stones' is about the growth of a city, and also about all cities; at the same time it is not about cities at all, but about how worlds are created, transformed, and lost through words alone. A stunning debut by one of Europe's finest new writers."
Archipelago Books" New York 2004, 110 pages (hard cover) - translated from the Polish by Bill Johnston.

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