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Author:   Jack Repcheck
ISBN:   978-0-7432-8952-8
Language:   English
Publisher:   Simon & Schuster
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$ 18.95

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"Nicolaus Copernicus gave the world perharbs the most important scientific insight of the modern age, the theory that the earth and the other planets revolve around the sun. He was also the first to proclaim that the earth rotates on its axis once every twenty-four hours. His theory was truly radical: during his lifetime nearly everyone believed that a perfectly still earth rested in the middle of the cosmos, where all the heavenly bodies revolved around it. (..) Copernicus' Secret recreates the life and world of the scientific genius whose work revolutionized astronomy and altered our understanding of our place in the world. It tells the surprising, little-known story behind the dawn of the scientific age".
Simon & Schuster Paperbacks New York, London, Sydney, Toronto 2007, 240 pages (soft cover)