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Director:   Jerzy Hoffman
Studio:   Zespol Filmowy Kamera
DVD #:   DV 056
Language:   Polish
Subtitled:   English
Artist:   Tadeusz Lomnicki
Artist2:   Magdalena Zawadzka
Artist3:   Mieczyslaw Pawlikowski
Artist4:   Hanka Bielicka
Artist5:   Barbara Brylska
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"Set in the year 1668, at the time of Turkish invasion of Poland's eastern frontier. The Polish troops, under the leadership of Colonel Wolodyjowski, form an alliance with a group of Polish Tartars, and mount a final defense against the massive army of the Turkish Sultan. A landmark epic of battle, love, and betrayal." Based on the novel (third part of Trilogy) by Henryk Sienkiewicz. Directed by Jerzy Hoffman.
Color NTSC in Polish with English subtitles Time: 147 min.