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  TWOJ STYL Styczen / January 2018 - Mgz
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  Dear Patrons of Polish Books,

Forty three years ago Edward Puacz (my late husband), a journalist from Warsaw, a graduate of Ecole des Sciences Politiques (School of Political Science) in Paris, was a man who led an exciting social, cultural as well as personal life. He was a social activist courageous in both word and deed who never wavered in his patriotism. He was a man who forty three years ago translated an intangible pride of Polishness into a well-considered business venture in Chicago, a bookstore named POLONIA. This was to be a place where bibliophiles could have access to a wide variety of Polish literary works and English language publications about Poland and Polish literature in translation.

Success did not come overnight. It took forty years of work – thirty-five years of knocking on the doors of university libraries, of public libraries and other institutions that had not yet discovered the beauty of Polish books. During this time participation in library, academic Slavic and Polish conferences became an annual activity of the bookstore. Polonia Bookstore also participated in Polish festivals and artistic and cultural events.

Today, after forty three years we can claim the honor of being the largest Polish bookstore in America. We are the main source of Polish publications and happen to be one of the most significant suppliers of English language texts on Polish subjects to university libraries, public libraries and the American public in general.

These successes could not have been achieved without the support of our reading public. We would like to give special thanks to our patrons, both past and present, to the writers and academicians who have contributed to our work and to the many libraries with whom we have established a reciprocal relationship.

Thank you very much for your patronage.

Mira Puacz,
President Polonia Bookstore, Inc.