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Author:   Maria Poprzecka
ISBN:   978-83-2133-949-8
Language:   Polish & English
Publisher:   Arkady
Year Published:   2015
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" To nowe, rozszerzone i uaktualnione wydanie autorskiego albumu profesor Marii Poprzeckiej – najwiekszej znawczyni sztuki polskiej. Prezentuje on nie tylko najwybitniejsze obrazy malarstwa polskiego - od najwczesniejszych przykladow malarstwa sciennego az po wspolczesnosc - ale i historie polskiej sztuki na tle historii narodowej. Dokonany przez autorke wybor dziel jest panorama dokonan polskich tworcow wszystkich epok, kierunkow i tendencji artystycznych.

"I saw a true masterpiece" - the great French painter, Eugene Delacroix, noted in his diary on 8 April 1853 about "Portrait of the Artist's Mother" by Henryk Rodakowski. This is probably the first time that the term "masterpiece" was applied about a painting by a Polish artist. We are dealing with an expression of praise, a word used when we perceive the realisation of the highest degree of artisitic skill.
"The Portrait of General Henryk Dembinski", executed a year earlier, was and still is the utmost attainment of portrait art, whose merits have never been questioned; its remains highly regarded from the moment of its origin up to this day. Such uninterrupted and good fortune is enjoyed, however, by few canvases. Just as rare is the attributed rank of a "masterpiece", especially in that period."
Wydawnictwo "Arkady" Warszawa 2015, 308 pages (hard cover)

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