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Author:   Anna Czerwinska-Rydel
ISBN:   978-83-7672-575-8
Language:   English
Publisher:   Literatura
Availability:   24h
Year Published:   2018
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$ 17.00

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"One day in 1941, nurse Jolanta realised that what she had done for her ghetto friends was not enough to save them.
'I will help you in a different way', she decided, and exposing her life of the vast network od people who thought like her, they saved a few children every day. A list of their names placed in an ordinary milk bottle, which Jolanta buries one day under an apple tree, counts... almost two and half thousand children!
'I just tried to live a human life... It's not a big deal. Anyone would do the same. You have to give your hand to a drowning person. Even if you cannot swim, you can always help somehow. My daddy taught me this...".
Wydawnictwo "Literatura" 2018, 118 pages (hard cover)